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Оригинал взят у brainreason в Brainreason − Private Full Service brokerage company

  • Brainreason aims to deliver a comprehensive and well considered experience to each client, in an attentive and personalized manner. Our Brokerage Services are always delivered efficiently and accurately. Our ancillary services are tailored to individual needs with care and imagination.

    We offer international brokerage solutions for individuals and companies who need professional financial services with priority on high privacy and security.

    Brainreason provide its customers with superior brokerage and execution services. Our clients recieve all advantages of trading with a Private Bank but at Ultra Low Cost.

    Brainreason maintains relationships with largest financial institutions and prime brokers. That gives You benefit from assurance of size and access to trading opportunities.

Байки "Острова везения"

"Остров везения" - это некоторым образом филиал изначального блога "Байки на ночь от Валерия Зудова" на mail.ru. Все посты оттуда потихонечку перекочевывают сюда, чтобы не пропасть для истории из-за невнятной политики хостинга "Мыла". В то же время "Остров везения" - совершенно самостоятельный блог, где я говорю и делаю, что хочу, в рамках здешнего Пользовательского соглашенния. Разумеется, так же позитивно и иронически.

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